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From generation to generation

Les huiles Diesel A. Roy Inc., established in 1966, is a family company which is in its third generation. The owner André Roy and his children, Nathalie and Martin, are happy and proud to offer you more than 35 years of expertise.

Situated formerly on the street Masson in Montreal in 1935, under the name of G. Roy, we transported coal, wood and ice. Formerly, the cutting of the ice was made directly on the river St-Laurent and we stored the ice under straw so that it did not melt. Thosedays, the transport was made by means of a trailer with Belgian horses, horses which traveled with us several thousand kilometers and brought us to destination. It is also them who brought us to the holiday of St-Jean-Baptiste. All this goes back to a long tradition...

Our commitment today

Today, we deliver fuels such as diesel, gasoline and heating oil, which transformed our expertise over the years and our know-how. The arrival of the new technologies largely contributed to facilitate our task. It is in the same tradition that we continue to offer you the best quality of service for today clientele. With a whole range of computerized tankers trucks to your service, you will find what you need to satisfy you as well as your clientele. Furthermore, with our Centre du Camion A. Roy Inc. located at blvd St-Jean-Baptiste in Montreal, we repair heavy vehicles as well as mechanical verification for the SAAQ. You will find in a single phone number all the products and the services which you will need for the functioning and the maintenance of your truck or fleet of truck.

As for us, our commitments and our efforts are put by the front every day to be the best in the sector of fuel and mechanics. We are enchanted to share with you our passion. It is thanks to you that we perpetuate this family tradition, and we are very grateful to you for it.

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